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Band Bios 3

Vijay Mohan

All around drummer dude, cool guy and dad, Vijay has been with AAROH since it's inception. He plays the congas, the dholak, and helps the band with it's rhythm programming requirements. He's an HVAC engineer by profession and moonlights as a DJ and sound engineer in his spare time.

Shridhar Ganapuram

The PULSE of AAROH. His rock-steady rhythms and easy-going personality found a home in our midst when we first crossed paths last year. He has been the band's drummer ever since. A software engineer by profession, Shridhar has been instrumental in providing the band the percussive edge and the sound to match!

Angshuman Parashar

4 or 6 strings, This mild mannered dude from Assam plays them all with equal ferocity. One of the more recent additions to our line-up. While here, he can hammer out some mean rhythms with his bass. Angshu has played with many rock/western bands in the past, and his tastes range from jammin' the blues to classic rock to slightly harder genres such as metal!!

Nikhil Pendharkar

The fingers behind the band's unique sound layering and MIDI strategy, Nikhil, is a quiet un-assuming guy. He grew up playing the keyboards with large and complex orchestras in Pune, the city he's from, and with very famous personalities from the Bollywood music scene in those times. Nikhil is a key contributor to the band's sound, and is an important ingredient in the AAROH family.

Manish Kurup

Plays guitar for AAROH, and contributes where he can with the band's rhythm programming requirements. Brought up on a staple diet of western classical, rock and jazz, he's getting a hang of the Indian music scene - and enjoys playing the diverse rhythms and melodies that Bollywood music has to offer.

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